Which city should Freetrade visit for our next community meetup?

It’s time for a Freetrade roadtrip! :minibus: We want to visit city(s) outside London in June to meet more of you :wave:

We’ll be starting off with some of the bigger cities in the UK. So where should we go? Please vote in this poll.

  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton
  • Cardiff
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast

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If there’s anywhere else we should consider then post it in the thread or like the post if you want us to visit a place that’s been suggested :heart:

We won’t be able to visit everywhere straight away & we might not visit the most voted for cities straight away, if that doesn’t work for our travel plans. But we’ll keep coming back to this poll when we need to decide to go for our next trip.


I think it’s important to take the Freetrade roadshow beyond England to the other nations of the UK.

My vote’s Cardiff but I couldn’t really argue with a northern English city, Belfast nor Edinburgh.


Not the best time of year for Belfast and there’s lots of considerations about finding a suitable venue in an area of the city that most would be comfortable with. Not impossible but it’s definitely not as easy as other cities

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Just curious, why is it not the best time for Belfast?

Marching season :grin: Those bowler hats and accordions need their summer work out.

There are good years and bad years but I tend to avoid Belfast from mid June to mid August. Been too many times when riots have blocked roads.


I think Brighton would be awesome summer venue, that and it’s dead close for me :grinning::+1:t3:

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Voted Belfast just because it’s the easiest one for me to get to


Bristol :two_hearts:


Bristol is a no brainer, its where the HQ for Hargreaves lansdown is :wink:


Thanks to everyone for your votes :raised_hands:

I'll leave the poll open but here's the results for now.

We’ve decided to head to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds this time. We’re keen to visit more of the UK too later in the year.

For now, if anyone has any recommendations for venues where we should hold the meet-ups, I’d really appreciate your help! Please share your suggestions in the dedicated topics -

Crowdfunding road trip - Birmingham 🚐

Crowdfunding road trip - Manchester 🚐

Crowdfunding road trip - Leeds 🚐


Amsterdam :grin:


Good chance neither will be part of the UK in 5 years time so can give them a miss :smiley:

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Dublin when you FINALLY launch here! Leaving for Lisbon on the 29th of January so I suppose LISBON!

Wouldn’t mind seeing a United ireland if we get a write off like Germany did on re-unification. Couldn’t afford the 11 billion it costs you guys!!!