Crowdfunding round seven, Wed 24th Nov 2021 🎉

Sorry for my ignorance but what is exactly a R7 badge? Is that something to distinguish investor on the forum?

I would be more interested in my perks. I filled in a google form long long time ago to choose the desired perk for investors (…I choose a hoodie). However, this happened months and months ago and no hoodie nor updates till now.

Again Freetrade proven to be spot on when it comes to deliver something…same as European roll-out :frowning:


If you participate in a crowdfunding round you get the round you can have “ Investor R7 “ under your name.

If you’re missing your R7 hoodie just check there isn’t an odd shipment notification from a few weeks ago. If not just shout and I can flag it with the team.

Come on @FRusso let’s keep comments firmly in the “constructive” camp.

If you qualify and want an R7 badge then fill out the form, you can only have one.

I filled in te R7 form back when they first announced it.

I know the forum is community moderated. I cannot see how this discussion affects moderators because it is directed towards FreeTrade

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The guys are working on them now. The in app badges have been shipped, you can see them on the profile page.


Maaaan who cares about a forum badge

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Like the team don’t have more important things to do.

Did I imagine that Freetrade just completed a new round of funding? What has that done to the share price? Anyone know?

They completed a convertible round. Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed but with a convertible round no price is set.

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Ah, thanks Neil

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Hi @NeilB did you say you could flag missing perks with the team?

I’m missing the hoodie from R7 investment too

Hello all, I’m looking to sell my Freetrade shares, please message me for details, thank you

Well I invested enough in that round to get the Freetrade NFT and I am indeed “surprised” by how cool it turned out to be. I don’t suppose anyone at Freetrade would like to buy it back? :rofl:


(Only old people will understand this 2003 reference)