Crowdfunding round seven, Wed 24th Nov 2021 πŸŽ‰

Do cows have cash though?? :thinking:

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I have less of it since I started investing. DIAMOND HOOVES

:skull_and_crossbones: :cow:HOOVES OF DOOM :cow: :skull_and_crossbones:


Good name for a band - Hooves of Doom - maybe a farmers’ death metal group?


I filled-in the Swag form that was sent on 8 March 2022 (Title: Collect your Freetrade investor reward) on the same day. I did not receive a confirmation email. @CashCow Are you in both R5 and R7?

I am. Does that make you concerned about your investments?


Not really concerned honestly. Just a bit disappointment, but I understand that 2-4 months are needed to sort rerwards out. At least I can see your R5 badge haha :smiley:

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Hi @DanielE

I write this 2 months after the email was sent collecting when information on sizes etc. Are you able to share any news on when we can expect these to be shipped? It’s not exactly hoodie weather now!

It is disappointing. Should be such a positive story but the last few years merch has been a car crash. I’d buy ft merch in a heart beat to support the company, so long as it was run through drop shipping.

A couple of us won some by correctly guessing when the 300k user was going to be, its funny to think we’re now a million users on…


Hey. I’ve posted re. rewards in the thread below with an update - in short, the rewards should be posted from this month: Crowdfund R7 Rewards - #21 by Rajan07

We’re really sorry for the delay. Please DM me and @DanielE if you have specific details you’d like us to check.


Thanks @Rajan07


Hi all,

when will we get the R7 badges on our forum accounts?


Soon TM


hopefully very soon. I received my Freetrade hoodie 10 days ago


Our definition of β€œvery soon” may differ.

@soko In case you are unaware: make sure you have signed up. The form is linked in this message: Claim your R7 forum investor badge

Did this when they first announced it.

Note other peoples comments in the same thread were.

" still waiting for my R5 badge :wink: :pray: "

QhyzRobbieInvestor R6

β€œWaiting for R6”

Notice that those have been replied to with β€œDone”. e.g. Claim your R7 forum investor badge - #5 by sampoullain

The badges for R5 and R6 were not available even after R7 had finished in 2021, and were still unavailable mid June 2022.

The R5 badge was made available sometime in June 2022 : Yet R5 was started in August 2019

Based on past performance, R7 could be available in 2023.

Hi @soko

@bitflip is simply pointing out that you’re likely commenting in the wrong thread.

If you qualify and want an R7 badge then fill out the form, you can only have one. Comment below and Sam or Shiv will add your missing badge.

The badges will be coming shortly please bare in mind this community is managed by staff, in addition to their responsibilities, & volunteers.

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