Crowdsourced portfolio building

(Jacob Wood) #1

Love this mobile app & also believe investing should not be reserved for the wealthy. With that in mind, I’m all about an Open Source world with info sharing. To help me with my portfolio selection, I spent a long time going through every stock (not including investment trusts, funds, bonds) and have inserted basic information, name, price, one line of info under specific categories. Categorising the options available on Freetrade [as of March 8th] will hopefully be helpful to perform further research on industries that interest you. Enough waffle, here is the link to the Google doc that you are welcome to amend/add insights to/create new categories - whatever is helpful for the community as a whole :sunglasses:

Preview doc here:

Access to doc, request here:

Oh and enjoy the footy later on :slight_smile:

FYI - only frustrating part is currencies vary across the app - £/$


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Tremendous effort :+1:

(Mohammed Junaid Hussain) #3

Great stuff mate :+1::+1:, looking forward to using it once the Android App is able.


This is excellent, I’ll add a few extra details to stocks I hold if that’s ok? I’d also suggest perhaps Div yield and P/E as useful metrics for comparison.

Outstanding job this!

(Jacob Wood) #5


Yes, this open source version is designed for others to add information to - specific details or knowledge about a stock or as you say, useful metrics for comparison that can be created as a separate column; that’d be super helpful. My idea was for the community to use this as an available Freetrade stock ‘wiki’ or at least a good starting point to build a portfolio :smiley:

(Jacob Wood) #6

I had a beer to celebrate completion of manual data entry, cheers :beers:


No that is an excellent idea! Hopefully more people start adding to it and it becomes an indispensable resource.


I’ve added TSMC’s price using a GOOGLEFINANCE function btw, I guess that’s what you want for all the prices but just hadn’t done it yet, would I be correct in my assumption? :smiley:

Also added div, pe + mktcap information for supermarkets just to see what it looks like.

(Jacob Wood) #10

Looks great, unsure on United being the biggest club in the world though, assumed this was Leicester City. Your other assumptions are spot on though :slight_smile: