Currency Consistency - USD & GBP

Being in the UK my profile is all in GBP. When browsing options on the NYSE, all stocks are quoted in USD.

Throughout the app there’s an inconsistency between the cost for me to purchase stocks in US listed companies, which is always quoted in dollars, and the cost I paid for stocks, which is always provided in pounds for either the single share or the bundle of shares collectivly. Ideally, It’d be good to have the price paid in both dollars and pounds, with the exchange fee broken out, and where I’m buying multiple shares the price in dollars per share and for the group (to avoid having to do the division).

Today I was watching a specific share fluctuate +/-$5, but it was near impossible to rapidly assess the current value vs the value I paid earlier in the day (without having written down the per share dollar value at the time). The market stats showed the $ value per share, and the app just gave me a single £ figure for the share, or the total cost of the group I’d earlier purchased. I’d like to be able to rapidly bench mark the two, and know the delta, without having to do USD to GBP conversions online.

Hopefully that makes sense!

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