Currency toggle values

Can anyone explain why when you hit the toggle between £ and $ the figures don’t seemn to add up? Example: Looking at my FreeTrade portfolio right now and I click into one of the companies, under ‘Your investment’ it says “27.37% (£434.87)” in the investment gains/loss part. If I toggle from £ to $ it now says “35.06% ($685.55)”. If I now go and ask Google “convert £434.87 to USD” the answer it gives is $567.37… so, how is it possible the percentage is different and the figure rather vastly different when I hit that toggle? Surely the gain would be the same regardless of what currency I am viewing the figures in… am I missing something? Thanks!

It’s because currency fluctuations since you bought have had an effect. E.g. $1 then is not worth the same £ as it is now.


OK, got it. Thanks. I would love a currency toggle on the main portfolio page where you can see all of your holdings. Is that a feature on the road map already?

I guess that’s complicated actually because there would be a mix of currencies between £, $ and € in a lot of cases. Are there any new features coming to the insights section to help with higher level analytics coming though?