UK and US % Gains Don't Match?

The UK stats for my holding say I’m at a +1.94% gain, but the US stats say 5.48%…

Surely, they should both be the same percentage gain as it is same trade with the same gain, regardless of the currency?

The £430.11 GBP value is correctly matched to roughly $511.52 value in USD…


If I take the gain of $26.58 and convert it to GBP, it’s currently £22.35… so £8.20 makes no sense…
Or conversely, £8.20 in USD would be $9.75… so the $26.58 makes no sense.

Something doesn’t add up…



You need to factor in how much the pound has changed against the dollar since when you purchased them. Depending on when this was, it could be very different from what it is today.

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Ohhhh. Good point. The GBP has been getting stronger against the dollar for over a month.

That sucks.

Okay. Thanks for the pointer.

A bit more discussion on this over on this topic below, @DirkDickens:

I’ll close this post for now.