Current stock price accuracy/update intervals?

Hi, I was testing the platform this evening. I was comparing the prices shown on FT, Google Finance, and Investing dot com.

At 19.01 I sold my holding of FVRR with the price showing on Google and at around $178.50, however the sale went through at $177.86. Zooming in to a candle chart on Investing dot com shows that the price was never below even $178 between the times 18.55 and 19.30.

Can any one explain please exactly what happened? I understand there are timing differences and bid ask spreads etc. but I can’t figure out why the sale went so low.


Could this be caused by the fee included in the FX rate?
There’s a 0.45% addition to the spot rate, meaning when shown the FT dollar rate of your sale you could get something slightly smaller than the actual USD market value

Not completely sure but could be it!

No definitely not, it was a small fractional share for testing and the FX was tiny.

I would assume that the Price per share shown on the contract note would be the exact price at the instant the sale was actioned.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: