Grinds my gears ⚙️ that US stocks are not displayed in USD

  • Is the “amount you made since you began investing” accurate?
  • +/- % is not accurate it seems.
  • It should really have a way to include FX commissions and charges. Right now it excludes them I believe.
  • Activities page and monthly summary are useless. Or maybe :thinking: I am not understanding it? Or could it do with a clean make over?


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My amount since I began investing is exactly right. I know exactly how much I’ve put in my ISA and it shows me being up by current value minus what I put in.

Then whatever I am doing is just equivalent to throwing money in the river.

All red. :pensive:

I should have just stuck with VWRL

I’m not sure how this percentage figure is calculated. It differs from my spreadsheet, which is (number of shares * price * exchange rate) / (total buying cost-total selling income)

It’s approximately the same give or take FX fees, but if you sell part of your shares and buy more later, the figure becomes wildly different, so I guess it’s pairing up oldest buy with most recent sell or something.

But I’m using the spreadsheet for all my decisions anyway. I only refer to the values in the app occasionally to verify the number of shares is correct (i.e. I’ve not made a mistake somewhere) and the value is approximately correct.

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I thought the app worked on price spent on share / current and didn’t calculate the additional costs like FX or tax. At least that was why I always seem to be red instantly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you mind sharing a copy of the sheet please? With formulas. .

I use Revolut for my US share trades

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