Custom ETFs

I recently saw this image of the s&p 500.

And it made me think, is there a way I could create my own fund with just the green / best performing companies? I know I could invest in those companies individually but I mean more like a custom fund that I can put some money in and it distributes it between those companies.

I know it’s probably relative and that these companies may not be consistently good performers but I thought it would give you but more control and be easier /quicker to invest.


Great idea - add your vote here.

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This is called a momentum strategy, where you look to buy stocks that have been doing well in the expectation that they will continue to do well, it’s actually quite popular.

You don’t actually need to create your own, there are a couple of ETFs on Freetrade that follow this strategy.

IWFM - iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor

IUMF - iShares MSCI US Momentum Factor

If you check the holdings on them I think you’ll find the later is pretty much those green companies you are looking for.

Do bear in mind that just because these stocks have done well in the past doesn’t mean they will necessarily continue to do so.


Being able to create our own ETFs or pies or whatever will be a game changer for Freetrade, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this on the roadmap so still sceptical about whether it’ll happen anytime soon.

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I hate the term “pies” :joy:


Thanks @Cameron,

I looked into this and bought some of these when you posted this and I’m currently 5.9% up :+1:t2:

Pies would still be cool tho! :grin: