Can you build your own ETF

Can you build your own ETF. I would like to pick 10 companies or thereabouts and invest in them.

yes check out they do white label etf development.

Thank you

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I’m not to sure what white label development is. I’m looking to maybe pick 10 companies 5 from NYSE & 5 From LSE from different sectors banking,pharmaceuticals etc. and maybe pay in £100 a month. Can this be done?

You mean “can this be done via HAN”?

No.Simply, no. The regulatory fees alone will cripple you. I like HAN. But seriously, choose you 5 stocks for your £100. What conceivable benefit does wrapping those funds have for you within an ETF structure? The ETF structure alone brings you all manner of regulatory obligations - and therefore cost.

Do this on a spreadsheet. Then you can rebalance and monitor your allocations. Do it on something like Trading212 so you get more wide ranging fractionals and you’d be better off.


Are you just talking about having a portfolio of various stocks. I assume you don’t want to literally start an Exchange Traded Fund.

I personally don’t really buy ETFs as I just buy some of the underlying assets and avoid the fees. You don’t get the benefit of rebalancing though, until/unless some broker offers this.

HAN take care of all the steps and process including regulation and compliance. if you have enough dosh you can own your own etf through HAN

I know. Agreed. I like HAN.
Suspect in this instance the “dosh” is no where near enough.

Thank you for your information and suggestions. I think I’ll just build my own portfolio. Maybe 10 companies £20 a month in each. That would work I guess.

I think I understand your question, to create a ‘pie’ of 10 stock picks and then just put money into this automatically each month. Freetrade does not offer this at the moment but if you look at M1 finance or check out youtubers that use it (don’t think us brits can use it) they offer something similar… but I think stuff like this is in the pipeline.

All the best


The beta for this has just launched on the site that must not be named.



Got to say, that does look pretty good…

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@nickspacemonkey facing a ban in 5…4… :wink:

Not only must not be named, anything is apparently an advert.

I assume Freetrade might be building something similar. :man_shrugging:


Not gonna work too well until FT have fractional UKs available. Otherwise the maths on rebalance will be clunky.

I’ve been wanting FT to introduce AutoPilot for a long time now. Hopefully it will be mentioned on tonight’s product update zoom call…


That auto invest by the company that must not be named is a magnificent idea. I wish Freetrade would beta this thing ASAP it’s an amazing concept.