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good to hear. hopefully today’s reversal is just a blip

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Didn’t they change their projections upwards recently? And they did it very early as well, which is supposed to be a good indication for favourable earnings.

Must admit, I’m tempted to sell when looking at a 70% increase, but I suppose that’s the whole point - when is a good time to sell?

When the industry declines? I just don’t see that happening for a while. Darktrace’s product’s prices are competitive too. I don’t think we’re at the top yet. Not unless someone releases something complaining about their products, I have seen nothing but good reports

Yep it would be VERY odd for the industry to decline in my life time :joy:

Haha. There will always be an element of online security in some form or other so I wouldn’t expect it to decline as such until the end of the internet…

I think we will see periods where the industry growth slows as people get complacent and spending on online security decreases - until the next big attack or hack at which point things start to wake up.

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