Daybridge, a time management app raises £750,000. Would you pay for a time management app?

Daybridge, a productivity and time management app by former Monzo engineer Kieran McHugh, has picked by £750,000 in a seed round led by early Monzo backer, Passion Capital.

Seems like a decent engineer, but personally I don’t think I’d pay for a calendar app when Google calendar works just fine for me.

I may not be the target audience though as I prefer minimalism over feature packed busy products. What do people think?. Would you pay for this?.


Yeah, looks OK but don’t see why anyone would pay for it to be honest when as you say there are other products that are integrated with pretty much all the day to day other tech gadgets we use. Maybe if the anti-big tech sentiment grows and fears on privacy grow more then some will move to smaller products but I think that’s a long shot.
I assume he didn’t sell more than 20% so probably a 3.5 to 4.5 m or so valuation for something done in your spare time pre-revenue. I guess if it went for a crowdfund with the ex Monzo badge could have raised at 8 to 10m so the VC got a mates rates deal. Maybe crowdfunding is round 2 at the 8 to 10m later in the year when it launched

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Based on the description, it sounds a little more than just a calendar app.
Even then, personally I’ve struggled to find a decent calendar app since Sunrise shuttered.

I have to say, I’m really liking this new wave of products that rethink how we use traditional tools (e.g. for email)


I have to agree @simonpoole - When Microsoft purchased Sunrise I knew it wouldn’t last long and while Outlook calendar has some of its features, it’s still nothing up to the standard Sunrise was.

I would consider paying for a decent calendar app, so I’ve signed up for the beta to see what it’s like.

This looks very very good
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