Deleting my freetrade account

Hi there, I opened an ISA account with freetrade and realised that the Canadian shares I wanted to invest in, are not featured on this platform. So I’d like to close my account.
Apparently I have to say that I want to close my account in chat, so that’s what I’m doing.

Many thanks, Adam B.

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I suspect they mean the live one to one chat within the app rather than a public forum…


Thanks buddy. Now I see it. TVM.

Unfortunately I have the same exact reasons :cry::cry: all I wanted was realty income & pembina pipeline and I would have stayed but luckily I’ve found an alternative that holds the above mentioned plus the Canadian banks too :partying_face: and zero fx exchange fees

My understanding is that you can only pay into one ISA per tax year, so you may want to look at transferring rather than closing your FT ISA.

I see. Although I didn’t pay any money in to the account yet. So presumably that would not count?

Surely it would only count if I actually put any money in?

Yes, if you didn’t fund an ISA it doesn’t count.

I mean transfer, The transfer is on hold… so far FT now has 5 of the Canadian banks I wanted. And the transfer process could take up to 6 weeks :see_no_evil:

Pembina pipeline has been added whoop whooooop

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