Deposit Vs Investment via Shares and Stocks ISA


I have an S&S Freetrade ISA. A couple of questions, please if anyone can help.

1.If I deposit funds in the ISA account, do I need invest them for them to be accounted as ISA contribution. For example, I deposit 10K and only invest 5K, have I used 10K of my yearly allowance or 5K?

  1. If I invest via ISA in the year 20/21 allowance and sell the stocks in future (after April 2021 but before April 2022). Will it impact the yearly saving allowance for the year 21/22.


Any funds deposited counts as a subscription towards the ISA limit. What’s you do with them once inside the wrapper doesn’t matter

No. Once inside the wrapper there inside. When you get a new £20k allowance this is towards how much you can deposit from outside of the ISA


Hi Eden,

Many thanks for taking time to reply. Your answers are really helpful.

Much appreciated.


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