Did anyone else’s receive their Freetrade withdrawals twice?

I had a withdrawal processed and it has arrived into my bank account twice.

I have noticed so many glitches I have been selling all my positions and moving them to Vanguard… I dont feel my money is safe with freetrade anymore

Can you do that? Does Vanguard allow free ETF trading?

I opened an ISA with Vanguard UK, you can buy any Vanguard products for free. Im not interested in individual stocks so ETF’s and funds are fine for me

Does it have to be an ISA? Or can it just be any account?

Sorry you received this twice. Can you send me a DM so we can look into this?

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you dont have to have an ISA, you can have a normal cash account

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Thanks for the information. The problem is I really support what Freetrade are trying to do but I want to build a lasting portfolio. Vanguard does allow me to actually do that but, at the moment, Freetrade does not.