Direct Line (DLG)

Couldn’t find a thread for direct line. They’ve popped this morning after reinstating the dividend with a slight increase, and announcing a special dividend to make up for the one they missed

if you’re willing to hold for a LONG time then you’ll get a good total return. share price has fallen in the short term as profits have been reinvested into the business for better systems and restructuring.

Simply Wall Street:
“share price is down 27% over half a decade, the total return to shareholders (which includes dividends) was 11%. That’s better than the market which declined 3.7% over the same time.”

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Yeah, I’ve done OK with dividends, but the share price itself has gone down. They have had quite a high yield so total return has been positive. I reinvest the dividends.

I’m watching closely how timely and effectively they deliver their business and technology transformations. It’s the key to their long term success in my opinion