Diversified Energy Company Plc - DEC - Share chat

Aug 24

Upcoming dividend of US$0.044 per share at 16% yield

Eligible shareholders must have bought the stock before 31 August 2023.

  • Payment date: 29 September 2023.
  • The company is not currently making a profit and there are not enough cash flows to support it either.
  • Trailing yield: 16%.
    • Within top quartile of British dividend payers (6.3%).
    • Higher than average of industry peers (6.7%).



SimplyWallStreet is automated and does not have an insight into how the company hedges it’s gas production. This video should give more insight into how it works URANIUM & DIVERSIFIED ENERGY : Live Discord Q&A with PM #2 [AUG2023] - YouTube

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Really enjoyed listening to that. Cheers for posting i must have missed it when it came out

Great rises today guys haven’t seen 95p for a long time. I’m guessing the results are quite positive


It goes ex div tomorrow might explain some of todays rise.

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Also came out today that interims are out on friday. Interesting times.

Diversified Energy Announces Dividend for the Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2023, Payable on December 29, 2023

Diversified Energy Company PLC announced that the Board has declared an interim dividend of 4.375 cents per share in respect of second quarter 2023 for the three month period ended June 30, 2023, an increase of 3% over the second quarter 2022 dividend of 4.250 cents per share. Ex-dividend Date is November 30, 2023. Record Date is December 1, 2023.

Payment Date is December 29, 2023.



Hello all just topped up again today at 85p today. Seems like a bargain to me. Also very happy to now have an average sp under 90p.


Another day another nice rise. Is there any reason for this or is it just growing market sentiment?

Today seemed to be market sentiment, Green day for the majority of my holdings today

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Same here. The BOE meets on the 21st fingers crossed for either a low or zero interest increase. For my 2p I’d leave it at 5.25% but we will see.
It’s funny I’d never paid attention to the Bank of England base rate until about a year ago :slight_smile:

Oh dear, a big drop in the Sp today. Apparently there’s been some big changes at board level.
Hopefully this is just a blip

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I hope so too as I took another chomp today.

How many days will the dividend take to get paid this time? Was almost three weeks last time :laughing:

So, currently trying to decide whether to keep my DEC shares (240 of them built up over a couple of years)

The situation in my portfolio is this - DEC is down by 28% which translates to £77. Over this year, I predict dividends of around £32. This means an overall loss of £45. I know, it’s not a huge amount, but it’s still not where I’d like it to be.

I initially built my portfolio to pay dividends, with a target/goal of earning more than my cash ISA in the bank. That’s why I bought the DEC shares. Now, with everything trickling downwards, I’m looking more closely at each holding and evaluating if it’s worth its place in the pile.

My question to you wise sages :rofl: is, do I hold and hope, or would you be selling at the loss?

Disclaimer - I invite opinion and discussion, knowing the final decision is mine alone and is not reliant on outside influence. The old do your own research stuff…


As a holder of DEC (around 420 shares), like many of my dividend paying stocks, the share price has gone down but until seeing this thread, I wasn’t even aware :laughing:!

So, as I don’t pay attention to the ups and downs of share prices, still happy to hold and to top up.


I’m also a holder, currently 12% down.

The next dividend announcement after the November one for me is the important one. I’m happy to hold at these levels and if they can sustain the dividend then I don’t mind being in the red for a while at all. My holding is overweight so while i would like to top up and average down at these levels, until the next dividend is announced i will be putting available funds into other stocks to bump them up.


I have around 500 shares in them , I’m tempted to buy more while low but at the same time waiting on further updates of dividend payments,
Still waiting for this payment due few days ago .


I’m another holder my average price is just over a quid a share I am going to keep ploughing the dividends back in and will add other money as and when. A year ago this was £1.30 odd a share so the last year has been poor from a share price point of view but the dividends do add up over time.


While we are talking about holding these I do too my AVG is £1.03 over 1500 shares and 24% down! I’ve wanted to get out of these for awhile and done some averaging down, thought they was a slight hope in last 6 weeks where got upto .93p they have amassed a lot of debt and truly found out about this after I was committed :man_facepalming: they was some positives grown in company assets when prices was high so about march time!

With the price of oil rocketing up there might be so new hope! But like others said the dividend is key and waiting on further declarations of it,

The dividend has been a concern for last few tho :disappointed: