Dividend payment dates for all of the year

Hi can anybody help me find a chart that shows which month uk shares pay out their dividend from jan through to dec any help from this great community would be much appreciated

I don’t think such chart exists, but maybe as a community, we can collaborate on a spreadsheet.

This is near to what your looking for, but not uk

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Thanks Paul have seen this and looks interesting … I have been trying to stay away from us shares for the time being as spent a lot of time watching uk stocks and hopefully can judge a good time to add when shares drop in price and represent good value . Really like this concept though and may venture into us shares in the future

I am not aware of any such chart, but you can use tools like dividendmax to find out past payments, and predicted future payments. Creating such a spreadsheet ourselves would be fairly monumental and just as difficult to keep up to date as payment dates can change each time.

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I throw out data like this monthly

For example


You could do a 12 month calendar but it would be based on history and no guarantee the company sticks to that frequency.


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