What dates are dividends?


New to dividends I hear its September the dividend payouts for the S n p and uk100 etc. Does anyone know the actual dates or where I can find them?


Each company has its own dividend dates. I look at dividend max to check for declaration dates, go ex dates and then payment dates. Others might have better websites though


Thanks for the information I will take a look.

https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/ is quite good for stocks listed in the UK

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Thanks, I was wondering why lots of stocks are on a downward trend the uk100 I share I’m in says 9th sep the div payouts so I assume thats why it’s on a downward after the pay out? Same with all the others?

The important date when dividends are concerned is the Ex-Dividend date.

This is probably a good place to start —>

We’ve seen prices fall a little bit dividend payments all come at different times, it more likely to be broader economic trends.

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Thank you

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