Dividend payments after selling


If you sell shares during the “Buy In” date for a dividend payment, do you still get this payment?

Or is it simply once the shares have been sold, even 1 day before dividend day, you do not get a payment?

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If you own the shares on the ex dividend date you get the dividend, if you sell them before that you don’t get the dividend.


Check this website. There you’ll likely find the answer to your questions. Not only about dividends but also about pretty much everything related to investing.


@Dave sums it up pretty well. If you don’t have the slightest about what an ex dividend date is it’s ok, I’ve been there too. The first article of the link above explains it

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Dave, I think Mark was asking what happens if you sell the share after ex-div but before div payment date (usually a a gap of 4-6 weeks). you will still be entitled to the dividend as you were on the share register on the ex-div date. Generally the share price is also marked down by the divi amount on the ex-div date.


Thank you, so worth checking this before you think about selling any.

Not true, ex-dividend means you don’t get the dividend. If you buy on or after the ex-dividend date, you don’t get the next dividend.

Guess I should have said if you own the shares at the end of the day before the ex dividend date.


Example, Glaxosmithkline plc (GSK) will pay out a dividend today.

The shares went ex-dividend on 21/02/19, so if I owned the shares on that date, I will get a payment. I will also get a payment if I sold the shares after that date, before the payment was made.

I would not get a payment if on 21/02/19 I did not own the shares, or if I purchased them on or after that date.

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