Does anyone go to investment conferences?


I started reading Beating the Street by Peter Lynch, today. I’m about a third of the way through already.

He says that when he was a fund manager, one of the best ways that he discovered new investments was by going to investment conferences and watching the presentations. From what I understand, companies who are looking for investment will give presentations at these events. Some conferences are themed to a specific industry, e.g. restaurants, biotech, energy…

Does anyone have any experience of going to these or know of any? I’ve had a quick google, I’m not sure if they still exist, maybe the internet has made them unnecessary.

P.S. I don’t mean conferences where people are trying to tell you how to invest or sell you tools/courses, I mean events where I can see companies that are looking for investment.

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I’m aware of two in the UK that happen annually:

  • UK investor show
  • Master investor show

This looks like what I’m looking for. Have you ever been to one of these?


I’ve been to both investor shows over the past few years, and I tend to find that most of the companies which turn up to these events are outright fraudulent / super risky / uninvestable for one reason or another. Nevertheless I still go to listen to keynote speakers, find new perspectives and to meet other fellow investors.

On a separate note, Mello is a private investor community which I’ve followed for a while but never manage to make it to their events (always on weekdays)

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I’m personally a fan of Master Investor. Nice crowd, interesting talks, and not too busy.

I still remember when Farage would give his talks and penny stock tips, entertaining more than anything!


That’s hilarious