Dr. Martens 🥾 - DOCS

It could be a long wait but the price is for the speculators. It will enter onto the FT100 in the next review on the current price automatically. The index funds has to buy, so sorry for the poor fund holders.

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Seems to have steadied at about £4.75 for now, but will it increase long term?

They’re making a diverse product range and I’m extremely encouraged by their vegan line. I think they’ll probably need to push the vegan angle more considering how most of their consumers are the 20-somethings in Brighton and Shoreditch that are environmentally conscious.

I’m considering jumping in before their physical stores open again, that’s bound to cause a boost


Just received my Free Share :love_you_gesture:
Freetrade somehow knows what i :heart: DrMartens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:


Got a free share of this, for what reason can anyone answer?

You must have recommended Freetrade to a friend and Freetrade loves you that much they gave you Dr. Martens


If you dont want it ill be happy to take it off your hands sir