DS Smith plc SMDS

This firm produces plastic and paper packaging for businesses across the world.

What are people thinking for the future of DS Smith. It has taken a bit of a knock today, but my gut and from what I have read makes me think that there is a bright future ahead of them?

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Personally I think that as long as people keeping buying stuff it will need some kind of packaging to put it in! (Shovels in the gold rush kind of thinking). I’ve been dripping some money into DS Smith since June 2020 and am currently up c25%. I have also been invested in Mondi for 18m or so (up about 10%) and expecting it to pick up when its factory refurb is finished


It’s in my long term hold. I’m waiting for its stock price to drop before I buy more. I have a decent holding in relation to my portfolio size. Happy to buy more but I want want to see if there is a wider market correction in horizon before stocking up.

Agreed - I think the world is their oyster at the moment. Huge growth in e-commerce, pretty good footbald in the FMCG arena and very environmentally astute. Keen to see where this one goes!

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Worldwide cardboard shortages, seems a good buy right now

mmm - doesn’t that pose a huge potential risk?

Depends I suppose. They can sell everything they can make and potentially increase prices on the positive side

3rd Quarter results Thursday 10 March :crossed_fingers:

Anyone received their dividend yet?

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yeah just got it now

Am adding to my position, expect earnings to be as expected and guidance to be decent, considering the macroeconomic conditions. I also expect the dividend to increase and, although I think it very unlikely, they have the cash to do a share buyback, but that might be foolish given the continued need to invest in the growth of the company.