Ellington Financial LLC EFC

This company invests in residential and commercial mortgage and asset-backed backed securities, consumer loans, collateralised loan obligations, non-mortgage and mortgage-related derivatives and equity investments.


11% monthly divs with a price target of $17. Currently dropped to $15.50 . Me bought in. And now at $14.95.


Just getting in on these so fingers crossed


mREIT this one, but their strategy is not focused on a particular area leaving them free to mix and match. Their portfolio is quite diversified, which I hope helps them survive a storm. I don’t really understand the mREITs well.

Here is a what they do: ( Scroll down to the heaeding “Our Company” )

EFC has some mortgage-backed securities that do not comply with Fannie Mae Freddie Mac guideline, which means some credit-scores might not be that good. However I read that the ratio is not worry some. ( I cannot recall the source ).

Always hovered around 17 US and slowly rose after covid crash dropped it down to 4 or 5 US with a steady rise back to 17-19 US. Now down to 15USD on market jitters, rate hike fear, and recession fear.

Recently they closed a non-QM mortgage of 426,000,000 USD. New article here:

Their last earnings were down. Here is the link to Seeking Alpha that should be read before hand.

May 05, 2022 4:23 PM ET[Ellington Financial Inc. (EFC)]Ellington Financial Inc. Reports First Quarter 2022 Results | Seeking Alpha

There are articles on Seeking Alpha on them:

I have had a long position in EFC for more than a year, and intend to hold. it is approx., 6% of my portfolio. This is not a recommendation.

Don’t forget the subprime collapse back in 2008. Although I don’t think EFC does sub-prime.

Don’t forget their EPS decreased by $0.04.

I really like these monthly dividend payers.

Do your own home work.


zacks has a sell rating, but this does not help long term positions spanning years.

Today dropped lots.

Can we have this on the ISA?