Engineering the rollout


Amidst a lot of work, @Ian found some time to write about the engineering process and progress during super early testing!


Great insight to what is going on and reassuring as to how the product and team will cope as scale increases :rocket:

(Ben #88) #3

I always find it exciting seeing what has been going on behind apps. I guess above ground it has to look like everything is going fine even if behind the scenes everyone is running around panicking. Although it seems that’s not the case here which is great.

I’m sure there is a very fine line between not rushing and therefore annoying the queue, and rushing and then being a mess in the office.

(Denislav) #4

Thank you for the update @Ian! Very much appreciated. Thank you for everyone’s hard work :slight_smile: :freetrade:

My time has arrived also, we shall see how it goes tomorrow. :joy::partying_face::ok_hand:

The latest on the rollout
(Joseph Goh) #5

Great article and really like how transparent the Freetrade team is in regards of the work :slight_smile: