Major update: How we're accelerating the public rollout

Hey everyone,

Major update on public rollout plans and engineering!

@Viktor teased this post and we’re super excited to announce the news.

Most important points

We’re absolutely shipping-focused and are refitting engineering to be much, much faster.

We’re welcoming our awesome new Head of Engineering @Ian.

We’ll release a timeline for public launch in the next few weeks!


Thanks @Freetrade_Team. I’m incredibly excited to be joining the team and to helping bring the app to such a dedicated community!


Glad to hear you will be releasing a timeline, that will be reassuring to investors and those on the waiting list.

IMO you should release what you have as soon as possible to testers - you will only start learning what your users really want and use once you release, and that process and your response to feedback over years is what will make the product great. Avoid trying to do a big bang release of a perfect product and instead iterate from a minimal base.


That’s what’s in the pipeline! :+1:

Couldn’t agree more, Kenny. See Ian’s comment, too.