Errors when placing limit order errors

Just a heads-up… Placing limit orders seems broken this morning. I’ve had about 5 or 6 rejected limit orders this morning, just an error saying “it may or may not have been placed”. On one occasion it actually had been placed, but on all the others it hadn’t.

Once it starts happening, it keeps on happening. Force killing the app and restarting it seems to make it work the next time, but that’s a pretty rubbish work around. It could also just be a coincidence due to low number of tries.

I’ve also now just had an error cancelling an old limit order.

Same here. I think it happens from time to time. Bit of a pain.
Back button and try again a few times seems to work, although I did have one that went through and showed up as active but then disappeared into the ether a few minutes later.