Ethical Investing

(Luke Bebbington) #1

Ethical and responsible investing seems to be fairly popular topic at the moment. Most asset managers are spending time and money investing in this space.

It would be useful if FT could do something similar. e.g. search/sort the stock universe with ethical criteria?

Screenshot from Wealthify…

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(Rob Nicholson) #2

Great idea! Ethical and themed investments would really fit really well IMO - they could be separated out in a section within the discover tab, with some nice designs/pictures like Stash in the US.

I notice Freetrade has added a Robotics & Automation fund recently due to demand for this particular theme already!

(Kenny) #3

I think it’s safe to say that millennials will increasingly demand that they can invest in line with their ethics/values (sustainability, impact, plastics, carbon, climate change, etc etc). I think it’s also fair to say that the choices available are going to continue to grow and develop, mainly through innovations in the ETF space. How does/should Freetrade plan to address this OPPORTUNITY?

Personal views:

It’s an important area to have a strategy one way or another, also great space and opportunity to differentiate vs competition.

The challenge is that everyone has different ethics, values and priorities - I don’t see value in trying to influence or shoe horn into a 1 size fits all investment solution (which is where I can see some discretionary / robo market players getting tied in knots). Choice is what’s important which gives FT an edge.

People probably do struggle to cut through noise and organise their own views into a coherent and practical personal investment policy. I think Freetrade can add value with a simple questionnaire style tool that helps develop personal investment policy guidelines (whilst educating and helping weigh up the practicalities ie what is being ruled in/out).