ETP - Exchange Traded Product

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The purpose of this post is to introduce an asset class sometime unknown by investors, ETPs (Exchange Traded Product).

ETPs allow you to trade stocks, indices, currencies, commodities and even cryptocurrencies … in a regulated environment, with products that are available directly from a sharedealing account (like FreeTrade). Most of the time with a low minimum amount.

The term ETP actually includes ETFs (which you may know), ETCs (Exchange Traded Commmodities / Currency) and ETNs (Exchange Traded Note).

Out of Leverage & Short ETP that does not match with the target of FreeTrade to offer long term investment solution and not “active trading” solution… ETP are innovative product and may offer alternative solutions that ETFs cannot cover.

I will be happy to answer your questions regarding this type of product.
I will not mention any issuer or specific product here, only answering generic questions.

For more info on the subject:

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Thank Raul :slight_smile:

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Another interesting article :

Extract from the article I posted

Access to Less Explored Markets and Assets

ETN investors are able to access the markets and broad asset classes that are out of their reach. It creates immense possibilities for them to make profits from volatility and liquidity. An ETF, on the other hand, offers access to illiquid instruments like commodity futures and charges higher commissions, which drive long-term and smaller investors away from making investments.

D-7 before new GraniteShares ETPs coming :wink:
I hope that some of them will be available on FreeTrade

I know that Freetrade policy exclude CFDs, Leveraged ETFs and complex investment products.
There is more and more ETF issuer that provide ETP (many of them are leveraged ETP, so let’s keep them out) but what about all those ETP that provide thematic investment solution (tech, robotic, IA, Pharma etc…) and a few stock basket (conviction theme investment).

Can we have a chance to see a few of them on Freetrade?