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SPAC that had announced a merger with EVgo a US EV charging network.

Thoughts on this stock?

Not sure why this keeps dipping. They are all over the states.

At it’s lowest price at the time of writing.

The stock has been diluted, I think. I don’t pretend to understand it entirely but they have registered more stock and there’s something about warrants. Also Tesla has opened up it’s super-charging network to non-customers so that would have an impact.

Details here: https://www.fool.com/amp/investing/2021/08/02/why-evgo-stock-tanked-on-monday/

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Will it ever recover?

This is why it jumped today:

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Nice if that maintains like that.:grin:

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Positive news from the partnership between EVGO and Amazon.

Nearly 20% bounce up today. Been on a bit if a downward trend for past few months. Though. Most markets/indexes have been on that downward trend. Either way. I’m not complaining. Though. It’s come just before I was adding some more funds into these types of stocks in my portfolio ie blink, charge point etc. oh well. That can’t be helped. Good news is good news.