EVR / RASP bye bye coal

RASP Group denerger

Then I got this message from FT a second ago.
This is why custodians are unreliable. I should have liked to decide whether I sold the stock or not. Will FT ever add the Russian bourses?

Not that I am too thrilled with coal and coke.

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Yes I just got this message today , after I had just bought shares in EVRAZ .
Wonder will this effect the EVRAZ share price much ?

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Don’t know about EVR because the impact on EVR after the demerger. EVR stock has sunk in the past 6 months or so. I held the stock for close to a year. I hope for a boost :slight_smile:

This is RASP
₽461.20 10.96% +45.55 Today

471 roubles = 4.56 gbp
Does this mean we get 0.425 * 4.56 gbp for each share we hold?
Raspadskaya PAO shot up today.

Exxept they will sell in October 2022, which is crap. So they have taken control away from the share holders.
I am pretty pissed off, because this stinks. I prefer to sell before russia get sanctions from the west over Ulkraine.

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