Favourite Dividend Stocks

What you looking at adding/currently hold?

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Here’s my 20-stock high-yield portfolio:

  1. BA.
  2. IAG
  3. REL
  4. BATS
  5. ULVR
  6. HSBA
  7. DGE
  8. NG.
  9. GSK
  10. BT.A
  11. TW.
  12. LGEN
  13. RDSB
  14. LLOY
  15. SSE
  16. ADM
  17. RIO
  18. RB.
  19. AZN
  20. FLTR

Yeah this is fire.

From what you have,
BATS, ULVR, TW, LLOY I’ve got.

New myself, but solid. Keep it up.

Any you’re looking to add?

These are my UK stocks. However, they are picked on a combination of growth and income. Just looking at the yield to pick a stock is very dangerous IMO (not that I’m saying anyone here is doing that).

I agree with what you say, I think BATS & TW for me have a yield of over 4%. Everything else is lower/calmer, so I’m happy with my choices.

Nothing really, I’m trying to avoid tinkering–plus I’ve already doubled up in a few sectors. Relatively happy with my choices. I’m not overly keen on BT, but the telecoms options are fairly limited in the UK.

I went for Relx even though its yield is only 2% ish because I have more faith in its business model than many of the other options in the media sector.

I may look to add some US dividend payers eventually, but I’m not overly convinced of the need.

As @Actuary92 says, it’s important to look at factors beyond yield. My main considerations are sector diversification, dividend growth, dividend cover, size of business and debt levels.

These are two of the websites I use to analyse dividend stocks.


The second site only has US stocks and costs a fortune if you pay, but you can get a free trial and it is an excellent site. It gives a dividend safety score out of 100, which tells you how likely the dividend is to be paid out, amongst some other really useful stats.

Sure dividend is another and they have a great newsletter (free).

Favourite div stocks at the moment Altria, albemarle and Bristol Myers Squibb. And then Coca Cola which goes without saying

Which stocks, currently on free trade, gave the highest yield per £ in 2019?

Top will be Evraz, Imperial Brands and Centrica I assume, closely followed by the housebuilders and then the insurers/banks.

What about the highest ETF?

They’ll have either ‘dividend’ or ‘aristocrat’ or ‘high yield’ in their name.

When it comes to dividends, IUKD ETF for me.