Feedback about the High Dividend Yields post

Let us know your suggestions for enhancements & feedback about the Snapshot of High Dividend Yields on the Freetrade App post here :raised_hands:

Good work, this will be useful.

Out of interest why not add this to the Freetrade Securities Universe Google Sheet?

Worth double checking this, I have it around 4.5%

I’d double check this too. Think this would be less than 1%.

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A great guide, but the investor needs to double check. Acacia Minings last dividend was 2017, for example.

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I know this is available elsewhere but I suggest adding dividend cover to the data would make the table more useful. If a dividend is well covered by earnings then it should be pretty safe and may increase over time, if a dividend is not safely covered by earnings then it may be at risk or being reduced or suspended in the future.


Hey Saf!

Thanks for catching this! If you see anything else can you send me a DM so I can update the master grid? :raised_hands:


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Excellent :+1:t2: I have received dividends from some of these companies all be it 0.01 of a pence :joy: would be good to have the dividend info in the app when you click on the company your interested in.


Great work.

However, note that a few of these have announced cuts in dividend, eg SSE, Vodafone, Marks & Spencer and Antofagasta, so perhaps a note should be added to the spreadsheet.


I think this is a great idea. It would be awesome if you can have them automatically updating using external sources. Perhaps LSE data if available. Good work! Updates like these definitely make it more accessible for everyone to try and get involved in investing.


This would be great to see in the app - a list with good dividend cover and good dividends - it would make a nice filter button even before it is dynamic, but eventually it’d be nice to be able to filter on several criteria like this and share lists.

Can’t wait to see what freetrade can produce once you have better data within the app and more sophisticated filters.

I received my first freetrade dividend the other day from Aviva.


Antofagasta’s dividend isn’t a fixed percentage. they pay out 35% of earnings so it varies. so even though it’s less than last time I don’t think that really qualifies as a cut

Edit: I actually like that policy, it’s better than blindly paying a high percentage when time are lean, and rewards investors when times are good


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I admit that I don’t know how Antofagasta’s dividend is calculated, I just got my info from which showed:

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GVC Holdings are currently paying an annual dividend of 32p which at the current £6.25 share price represents a dividend yield of around 5%. The dividend is also due to increase by 10% a year.


Nice, but it looks like someone already made a (dare I say it!) better looking version already…


Wish it wasn’t grey text on a white background. My eyes. My eyes. My eyes. :see_no_evil: That aside it’s cool :+1:

P.S. some of the yields are +/- a few percent on the site like IBM. Worth looking at IEX Cloud’s for US Stocks, I think their free tier might support this use case.

Yeah, I noticed that. I put that down the fact they say the data was taken at 04-06-2019… and there’s been a bit of a tech share price rollercoaster in the last few days. It states it’s not dynamic at the moment - but should be again in the future. I’ve used it for a while. It’s usually dynamic but the weight of Freetraders calls has broken their system! D’oh! I don’t know the source of their data, but agree a lot of people use IEX as it’s pretty good, free and easy to use.

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And maybe the % daily … maybe more filters settings… you right;) …let’s see the great future… hehee

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