Snapshot of High Dividend Yields on the Freetrade App

Hey Freetraders

We’ve noticed a few of you asking about dividends so we decided to create a list of companies on the Freetrade app that have historically had a high dividend yield. :moneybag:

Dividend yield is just: annual dividend per share/price per share. So a £100 share that pays £5 dividend per year has a 5% yield.

For context, we’ve categorised high-yield dividends as any company that gives back 4% or more in dividends (5% used to be a rule of thumb, but yields are a bit lower these days). You can check out the tables here (dividend yield data pulled from the start of 2019)!

UK Dividends

Category Ticker Name Approx Dividend Yield as of May 31 (Data from Yahoo Finance)
Insurance LON:ADM Admiral 4.35%
Mining LON:ANTO Antofagasta Plc 4.43%
Insurance LON:AV Aviva 6.90%
Financial Services company LON:BARC Barclays 4.35%
Residential Construction LON:BDEV Barratt Developments Plc 4.81%
Iron Ore LON:BHP BHP Group Plc 4.92%
Oil & Gas Integrated LON:BP BP 6.03%
Tobacco LON:BATS British American Tobacco 8.16%
Telecom Services LON:BT.A BT Group 6.42%
Greeting cards LON:CARD Card Factory Plc 4.99%
Mining LON:CEY Centamin Plc 4.90%
Utilities LON:CNA Centrica 11.48%
Insurance - Diversified LON:DLG Direct Line Insurance 6.20%
Food LON:DOM Domino’s Pizza Group Plc 4.12%
Investment trust company LON:EDIN Edinburgh Investment Trust 4.51%
Steel LON:EVR EVRAZ 14.99%
Pharmaceutical LON:GSK GlaxoSmithKline 6.14%
Mining LON:GLEN Glencore Plc 6.22%
Capital Markets LON:IGG IG Group 9.01%
Tobacco LON:IMB Imperial Brands 7.96%
Broadcasting - Television LON:ITV ITV 5.97%
Groceries LON:SBRY J Sainsbury Plc 4.90%
Fashion retailer LON:JD JD Sports Fashion Plc 4.91%
Fund Management company LON:JUP Jupiter Fund Management Plc 5.80%
Engineering & Construction LON:KIE Kier Group Plc 13.36%
Retail company LON:KGF Kingfisher 4.90%
Insurance - Life LON:LGEN Legal & General Group 6.09%
Financial Services company LON:LLOY Lloyds Banking Group Plc 5.50%
Fund Management company LON:EMG Man Group Ltd 6.39%
Department Store LON:MKS Marks & Spencer 6.45%
Paper & Packaging company LON:MNDI Mondi Plc 4.00%
Public Transport company LON:NEX National Express Group plc 10.17%
Utilities LON:NG National Grid 5.84%
Mortgage & Personal Loan Provider LON:PAG Paragon Banking Group 4.49%
Residential Construction LON:PSN Persimmon 10.64%
Real estate company LON:RMV Rightmove 4.00%
Industrial Metals & Mining LON:RIO Rio Tinto 5.83%
Oil & Gas Integrated LON:RDSB Royal Dutch Shell 6.28%
Integrated Shipping LON:RMG Royal Mail 9.72%
Utilities LON:SSE SSE 8.46%
Insurance - Life LON:SLA Standard Life Aberdeen 8.06%
Clothing LON:SDRY SuperDry 5.00%
Food & beverage supplier LON:TATE Tate & Lyle Plc 4.05%
Telecom Services LON:VOD Vodafone Group 9.44%
Gambling LON:WMH William Hill 7.66%
Advertising Agencies LON:WPP WPP 6.87%

US Dividends

Category Ticker Name Approx Dividend Yield as of May 31 (Data from Yahoo Finance)
Biopharmaceutical ABBV AbbVie Inc. 5.65%
Telecom Services T AT&T 6.60%
Oil & Gas Integrated XOM ExxonMobil 4.40%
Automotive F Ford 6.30%
Automotive GM General Motors 4.40%
Biotechnology company GILD Gilead Sciences 4%
Computer Hardware company IBM IBM 5.10%
Food company KHC Kraft Heinz 5.60%
Semiconductor company QCOM Qualcomm Incorporated 4.70%
Telecom Services VZ Verizon Communications 4.30%
Financial Services company WFC Wells Fargo 4.06%

Just to caveat, yields change based on price and of course when a company issues a new dividend (as much as we’d like to say this is a sure-fire way to make ££, it can and will change). The yields in this table are from 31st May 2019 and don’t live update - make sure to check the most recent figure before making an investment decision. Also, remember that a recently declining share price could make a struggling company look like it has a high dividend yield relative to the price.

We’re going to keep it updated and eventually, we’d love to have it automatically update.

What do y’all think? :cowboy_hat_face: Have any of you invested and received dividends in these companies?