☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Adding AIM-listed stocks

I am talking about the fact that incorrect info is being provided on the app. I am told that my Draper shares are worth 520p but if I actually sold them I would only get 502p. If I own 1000 shares the valuation given would be incorrect by £180

It’s pretty standard to use the Mid price for listed stocks. The market has two lists of unexecuted trade. One is buys and one is sells, everyone who wants to buy is prepared to pay less than everyone who wants to sell is willing to sell for. The mid price is in between the highest sell and lowest buy. As you said the spread is high on this type of stock.

If you sell at Best then you basically accept the highest prices of the existing unexecuted deals. If you do a limit order at the mid price instead you will just join the list of sellers in the unexecuted trade list. The mid price will shift down slightly or a lot as a result.

To show the bid price you would basically have to get a quote from the market for each stock. Which would only be valid for several seconds. I don’t know whether the exchange charges for quotes or what but I would think there is good reason why stockbroker web services don’t just do this as standard.

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A good proportion of ISA investors in the UK primarily invest in AIM stocks.
In fact I would expect if you have access to every ISA millionaire account you would find 0 that have not invested in AIM stocks.
The growth and potential for these smaller companies is far greater then in the larger companies.

I really hope freetrade changes it’s mind over AIM stocks and prioritises having every company on the AIM and UK main markets to entice the higher net worth customers.


Hope some AIM stocks arrive with all these new batches!


Aim stocks should definetly be in more abundance on FT. You state that it encourages day traders. Your platform is not responsive enough to encourage any serious day traders. The price updates are far too slow and the prices stated are often wildly different to those that are traded. What it does encourage is investors doing their own research into new start up companies that may or may not become a great success. You already have some Aim market companies so unsure your point on only encouraging long term investors. Two examples are GGP and EUA which will have made many of your investors very rich. All we are asking for is more opportunities like this by widening your scope with Aim listed companies.


Hi David

We’re working hard on expanding the number of AIM stocks that are available and we’re hoping to provide some updates on how we will be doing this shortly.



That is great that you have made a turnaround from your position made on this thread from last year. I look forward to seeing the additions from the AIM market hopefully in the not too distant future.


AIM stocks can be an important asset class for private investors. As Warren Buffet says, the worst thing about being a large fund manager is that he can’t trade small caps


Would be great to get an update this week :slightly_smiling_face:



Just to name a few


Ilika [IKA] - Battery tech, IIOT, med tech and EV solutions https://www.ilika.com/
Vianet Group [VNET] - IOT solutions https://vianetplc.com/

Makings of a multibagger: An Analysis of the Best Performing Stocks over the Past 5 Years.
Only the Nasdaq contained more of best performing multibaggers then the AIM.
Nasdaq 21%
AIM 13%

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Is there are a way to view all the AIM stocks available on Freetrade? I tried searching for aim within the app, hoping to see a filtered view, but nothing came up. Is it possible to add this in?


Whats your goal in doing so? The answers no. But there is a complete list of stocks Freetrade keep here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Ep-CmoqWxrMU8HshxthRcdRW8IsXvh3n2-ZHVCzqzQ

Thanks for the link, but I’d already seen that.

To answer your question: I don’t really have a goal. I just think it’s odd that you can filter the list of shares in app by searching for ‘etf’ or specifying a country, but you can’t do the same for AIM. Should I decide to invest in an AIM listed stock, I’d like to know at a glance which ones are available on Freetrade.


Can we please have more AIM stocks? I heard about CMRS a week ago and would have liked to invest as it’s set to explode but it’s not there. Great RNS today and off it goes.

I don’t like the stance that stocks will be added once they become popular. That’s setting people up for losses. The time to invest in a good company is when not many people are aware of how good an investment it is. Value will come in time.

I don’t bother requesting individual stocks because by the time they get enough votes to be added you’ve already missed the rewards you wanted from the investment. Especially when we’re talking stocks that the majority aren’t even aware of yet.

Adding more stocks should be a priority in my opinion, especially for your paying subscribers.

For anyone who missed the Community AMA yesterday Viktor confirms that today over 300 AIM Allshare listings will go live - anything missing is for a reason.

I’m sure they’ll cover this but when trading low liquidity stocks you might find it fails to execute - this a a safety measure to make sure they get as close to the ‘live price’ as possible.