☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Adding AIM-listed stocks

Have a look at the Fractional Shares feature they’re working on.

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They’ll come in time. FT is a fast developing company but it very much is still develping. It is likely you’ll see both fractional shares and many more shares to invest in the next 6 months. Some.of us have waited years to just invest at all.


Cheaper shares don’t necessarily mean better shares, but I must admit to using my HL LISA to load up on interesting AIM stocks like Ten Lifestyle Group, EVRH, organigram and Wey education.

The name’s a bit confusing, we’re building a service for long term investors, not traders :sweat_smile:

Here’s our plans for adding AIM stocks at the moment -

But as Zac & Ben mentioned, we will be launching fractional shares, to let you buy £5 worth of a Facebook share for example, rather than whole shares.

And once our investment platform is ready (hopefully by the end of the year), we’ll be able to add thousands more stocks :muscle:


I like the set up, platform & app associated with freetrade, but most of my investments involve small-cap AIM listed companies. I have no interest in investing in foreign firms if I’m honest. What are your plans for including AIM shares?

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There are a few AIM stocks available, though the only one off the top of my head is Fevertree Drinks.

I have just joined Freetrade as I am new to share dealing (but experience with funds). I am looking to buy mostly from the AIM markets, buy I cannot see many AIM shares on here. When will they be added?


They’ve adding the most popular ones at the moment, like Fevertree and ASOS etc. If one is popular enough they’ll add that as well. What ones were you looking for? You can request and vote for new stocks here in the community…

I haven’t heard of any plans to add the whole AIM market in the short term but I think they mentioned they’d like to add longer term

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I am looking for Joules and AB Dynamics

Under Freetrade’s current order execution setup, I would be concerned about the spread and liquidity for AIM stocks due to thinner trading volumes.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand?

Apologies if this has been asked before (I did some searching and couldn’t find a clear cut answer) - is there a plan (or any reason why not) for AIM listed stock to be added to the universe in due course?

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Currently our priority is opening up our universe to more ETF’s and US stocks. :muscle: At some point down the line we may introduce some of the more liquid AIM listed stocks if there is sufficient demand from our community members.


Thanks - very helpful!

We need more AIM listed companies on this app for those looking to invest in/trade cheaper stocks. There have not been any new penny stocks added for a long time now. I think the community would appreciate some cheaper additions.

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Thought AIM stocks were off the FT menu but I see Draper Esprit plc now available which is listed on AIM. So why this AIM stock and not others?

Problem with a lot of AIM stocks is the buy and sell price spread is often quite wide. So at the moment the price you are quoting me to sell the holding is 485p but the actual market sell price is 476p. The former is the buy price so inaccurate pricing data is being given on the platform so there is a risk of your clients making bad decisions based on the information provided.

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We’re still adding to our stock universe and we’d like to keep adding AIM stocks, as long as they have sufficient liquidity. We also offer Fever Tree, Asos & Boohoo.com at the moment, from the AIM market.

The prices in the app are ‘indicative’ so they’re there to give a rough indication of the price and won’t necessarily be the price that you pay when your place an order. When you do, we use the live market price at the time. We display the ‘mid’ price in the app.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions :slight_smile:


I recently bought some AIM shares through Degiro, and afterwards I checked the transactions on the exchange itself. The market maker made 4% off my trade, which I thought was outrageous, but what can you do?

I don’t think there’s much that can be done except for taking extra care when investing in AIM stocks and perhaps thinking longer term


I see the two good reasons for AIM stock as:

The long term growth potential. In which case the spread should become irrelevant as you should expect multiple times return or total loss.

The second reason is for Business Relief eg exempt from IHT after two years which is worth 40%. Which should make the transaction charges mute.

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