[Feature request] Customisable investment summary details

Hi there,

I’ve used Freetrade for a couple of years now and love the app. I would say that I exhibit “power user” behaviours – consistently investing and consistently interacting with the app to track those investments.

One major thing that I feel is lacking for the power user experience on your app is the ability to gain a very quick understanding of why my portfolio is moving in a certain direction on a given day. Do I have a single investment or multiple investments that are having a bad day (or a good day). This is mainly the result of the investment summary page focusing on monthly returns with no functionality to toggle the individual asset investment summary to daily, weekly, etc. The result is that I either need to remember what the monthly return was the day before and how the investment has moved in retrospect to this or click on the investment and look at the daily return. This is tedious so I typically just use the Apple/Yahoo finance app to track my portfolio in a watchlist.

I’d love to have some kind of customisable features on the investment summary page so that I can easily use Freetrade to get a quick snapshot of how each individual investment is performing.

Note: I think your bias towards monthly returns is to stay true to your brand of promoting long term investment over speculative day trading. However, I dont think the above idea is a contradiction to this as having the right tools to stay on top of your investments can only help you make good long term decisions.