[Feature Request 🔧] Filter by Price

Hi, please add the option to filter the list of stocks in the app by lowest to highest.

What’s the reasoning behind this feature? The per-share price is not meaningful enough to add this feature in my opinion.

The cost of a company is represented by it’s market cap. The share price is simply the market cap divided by the number of shares issued.

For example, a company could have a £1 share price and 10 million shares. It’s market cap is £10m. It would cost £10m to buy all the shares.
Another could have a share price of 2p but 5 billion shares. It’s market cap is £100m.

In the above example, 2p vs £1 is not comparing the size or cost of the company.

If your simply looking for shares you can afford, that won’t be a problem with the imminent release of fractional shares (https://link.medium.com/kKpuT4Nmh3).


I agree that there needs to be a mechanism to search for shares that one can literally afford. When I have a friend sign up I recommend them to put £10 in their account and just buy some shares they find interesting, but there’s no easy way to find the low value shares.

Depends when the fractional shares are launched.


Have a look at the fractional shares feature (https://link.medium.com/kKpuT4Nmh3) that is coming really soon. Basically, if you have £10 to spend, you will be able to buy £10 of anything, regardless of the share price. Unless you’re super interested in holding whole numbers of shares, this eliminates the problem.


Of course, sorting and filtering is nice, and this is probably possible. I’m just offering alternatives.

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I would prefer if there was more options than alphabetical as it unduly weights companies.

Thanks, I know it’s in development. Just not sure when it’s launching.

Or you want to avoid/minimize counterparty risk.

Hi all, we’ll look to add features like A-Z, price filters etc in future.

For now we’re focused on delivering fractionals, which should help in terms of finding shares of any value to invest in. :pizza:


Thanks, that’s great :+1: but filtering would be great too please :grinning:

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There is a good thread about this over here: Administering fractional shares

More information will come out closer to the release too.