Multiple search filters - duplicate

I’m not sure if this has already been said but more filter options, so if I wanted a UK stock for a company below a billion market cap that paid dividens I would be able to filter for that.

Or large cap US company with a share price below $150 per share I would be able to filter for that.

Right now I can only filter UK and stock but nothing further unless I’m missing something?

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It absolutely has. You should always search before posting a new topic, as things like this have been covered a lot. When that happens, it creates extra admin work. Merging topics and such.

Of the many idea posts covering filters, the link below seems to match yours fairly closely.

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In the last month or so we have had well over 100 messages that didn’t to be put out. Most are probably genuinely as people don’t know due to being new. If only we had a way of letting people know to avoid all this :thinking:

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