[Feature Request 🔧] Multi-currency accounts 💵 💷


I’ve been encouraged by FT to say what I would like changed, and that’s what I’m asking for. I’m not asking you and I’m nit trolling, healthy debate and questioning is not trolling please get your facts and definitions correct.

You could not be further from the truth!!! I have often pointed out aspects of FT that are poor or need improving. Even yesterday I mentioned errors in numbers on promo stuff and also about the way they post threads before going live.

Criticism is healthy 100% if constructive but you joined 18hrs ago, from a banned account no doubt, and every thread you posted has a criticism and similar points to banned accounts. Good luck and hope you get all you want from the platform but I won’t bother replying :+1:

Top man!!! I never realised you can do this :man_facepalming:

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Lol no harm no foul, my questions to all forums users not one or 2 individuals.


Not at all, not banned. I’m new to this forum (have my full name no pseudonyms). Just trialing out the app and forum for my Isa.

I try and educate and learn on what’s out there and do many platforms and forums. And question the users where I can on how they use the platform, and challenging it (healthily) where I can.

Sometimes people aren’t liked for calling a spade a spade. However they forget a spade has a job to do, and it’s suits it’s function for the user. I just ask the user could and do you use it differently. Not always liked fit that I’m afraid.