☑ [Feature Request] Transfer SIPPs from other providers

It’s definitely a maturer product, however it hasn’t been issue free for me. I like how responsive Freetrade and Vanguard are to fixing issues. I only see everything getting even better with Freetrade.

Lastly Freetrade are hiring a SIPP Operations Specialist so we should see this at some point as well.

It’s more just a negative for these Warren Buffet wannabes or just as a mere comparison (others doing free instant). The bigger complain with FT basic orders is they still haven’t made it the default option, not even in the Christmas list

If that job role being filled is a pre-requisite to starting SIPPs then “at some point” could range a lot

Some screen shots on the main page show an updated UI I’ve not seen before, so perhaps that’s in the works.

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I double checked their web site. On the fees page is specifically says one fee across all of your account. As long as it’s under your name all your account types are treated as one when it comes to the account fee.

So you could have an ISA and SIPP (and genera account) and the total combined fee would be a max of £375. Which is actually quite good when you have multiple account types.

As most of SIPP trades happen on old existing SIPPs, not much SIPP trading would happen at FT without users being able to transfer their SIPP in. So, once SIPPs are available, the vote button on SIPP transfers will quickly get hot.

Hence considering how much closer the basic SIPP functionality is getting on the roadmap, is not it about time to add a SIPP transfers item to the roadmap?


So, now we need In-specie SIPP transfers.

Hi @albanr :wave:

We hear you, supporting transfers are super important for SIPPs so I’m pleased to say that we will support cash transfers from launch.

We are also looking to work on how we can support in-specie transfers after launching Freetrade SIPP too.


In the world of FinTech, cash transfers are not an achievement, it’s the basics.

Hey Glenn - any update on the in-specie transfers?

I’ve got a SIPP with HL I’d love to move across, but, er…quite a bit of it is invested in a Bitcoin ETN that has now been banned by the overlords at the FCA.

So… 1 - will in-specie be possible any time soon?
2- Would transferring a fund FT weren’t otherwise selling be possible?



Glenn, will you use this for in-specie:

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Any news on this? I’d love to move my SIPP to Freetrade but I’m not willing to take time out of the market to do it. FCA are slowly moving towards making this a requirement for SIPPs so presumably it’s on your roadmap somewhere…


Hey Glenn, some have been offered to make “in-specie” transfers in. Is this at the beta stage?

Hi @WolfofWS :wave:

I’m happy to confirm that in-specie transfers are now available for the Freetrade SIPP.


Has anyone transferred in from Vanguard using a in-specie transfer? How long did it take?