Foresight Sustainable Forestry Co 🌲🌲 - FSF

And it looks like it’s live on Google finance.

It’s coming!


It’s here :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


Nice! Another to add to my watchlist.


Thank you very much FT, that’s great!

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Thanks for getting this on @mynameisgeraint

Bought today, this now makes up 6% of my total portfolio and replaces some corporate bonds.


Quite low demand from institutions. £130M out of a £200M target

I’m not surprised. This sector doesn’t have the best reputation or returns (not to mention a generally torrid time to IPO). But it has solid improvements to previous funds and is low risk, as seen with it replacing bonds for @cggb1978. Very much a slow burner this one.


On a day like today when almost everything is looking red, bonds and gold are obviously on the up, and so is FSF.

Did anyone invest in this via PrimaryBid? Have the shares been credited to your account yet? I did, but there is still no sign of my shares in my IWeb account.

I did with X-O, and got them allocated (at least I think I did).

Got to say strange price action. Not sure who is selling at a 10% loss already. I’ve loaded up more.

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I hoped they would be on FT soon and luckily they were. I also noted the recent drop, on the 29th came this announcement Announcement, it looks like a Dutch fund picked up quite a few shares and now has an over 3% stake, maybe they got them discounted?! The last few days were quite volatile anyway which probably did not help. I think it will be 6-12 months before we will get some sensible information about progress. Unless something really bad happens I was planning to hold this for many years.

Update - finally appeared in my account today with a 10% loss - suboptimal to say the least.


It’s probably just IPO volatility. Almost 1m shares traded hands yesterday when the price had its big dip. Other than that it’s not deviated too far from the NAV which less fees is probably around 99p.


Anyone try to buy a position in this recently? I’ve got two open orders that haven’t fulfilled in days.

Have they sold all 20 million? Surely not.

Got some at the end of November and they went throug ok

I had something similar once. Cancel the open orders and try again, solved it for me.

Coincidentally, I checked after having read your reply here and noticed they’d gone through, so that’s something.

Just took days.

Gents, am I too late join the party? I’m unable to secure any holdings…:cry: