Forum AMA with Nick Fell, Freetrade VP of Marketing, Fri 29th Oct, 1 PM

Welcome Nick,

How’s the marketing campaign prep going for the crowdfunding happening later this year? :innocent:


Coca Cola was the first soft drink consumed in space. Pizza Hut also did a sponsorship deal that saw their pizza consumed on the International Space Station.

The first stock trade in space took place onboard ESA’s OPS-SAT Space Lab on 30 September 2021. - source

So how about the first cow in space and first cow to do a stock trade in space? Call me Nick, call me.
:rocket: :cow:

I don’t envy your job to build on the already amazing marketing campaigns that have led the way so far, including YouTuber and celebrity tie ins. I can’t wait to see what you and your team come up with, best of luck!


Great to see you doing one of these Nick.

Q. What’s your expectations over marketing for European and worldwide expansion? Nothing for a while after launch in each European country or like a bat out of hell as soon as the starting gun is fired?


And when is EU and worldwide launch :joy:


Is crowdfunding still part of the marketing strategy?


Spicy doritos or regular?


whats the CAC for a new client? And what is the expected LTV? Thanks


Will the next crowdfunding be the final one?


What was the most ‘Silicon Valley’ experience you had?


Looking forward to this chat. Thanks for doing it.

  1. What’s your best performing channel outside of paid referrals?
  2. CAC trends across channels?
  3. What do you want to do with the Freetrade brand short term and long term? What’s the message you want to get across?
  4. How do you want to position Freetrade vs the low/zero cost peer group?

What are your internal user number projections for end of 2021 and 2022 and please outline several methods you are currently using and/or will use in future to grow user numbers in the UK

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You mentioned in your first post that the community was major factor in your decision to join Freetrade.

In recent times the community has become more frustrated by a perceived lack of progress on key targets (EU stocks, expansion, new features) and a drop in communication/engagement from the team.

Is the community still a key marketing tool for the company, or now there is over 1.1M users, has it served its purpose?

(Got to throw in some more difficult questions :wink:)


Hi @nickfell ! Nice to have you in here!
Can you give us a real expected timeline for EU expansion? Any European launch on 2021? Which is the strategy you think for EU launch? An aggresive one on media or mouth spreading?

  • Who do you think are the main FT competitors ? Both in the UK and European markets. How are you going to compete against them ?
  • How can you grow and maintain revenues when there will be many personal finance application offering similiar stock trading functionality ? (see Revolut, Plum, Emma, etc…)
  • How do you view the competition against the “super-apps” like Revolut (and maybe in the near future Paypal, Cash App), that seem to offer a one-stop shop for all finacial needs, including stock trading.
  • When do you see Freetrade releasing Crypro trading and will it be custodial or non-custodial ? What fees are you going to charge ?

Welcome aboard @nickfell!

An article this week described the Irish launch as occurring in 2022, with Sweden before that. Can you tell us about the timeframe for these rollouts?

Most appreciated.


Welcome @nickfell - congratulations on joining ft and thanks for opening up for the ama.

A couple from me…

Interested to hear your view as a marketer - when you look at what you have to work with in terms of the product and brand already established - what has you most excited about what you have to work with?

Is it fair to assume thay your arrival signals a step change in terms of the range/scale of marketing activities? If so, can you give us a flavour of activity we might expect to see?

All the best. Thanks!


Make me rich, Nick.
That is all. Cheers


Hi Nick, welcome.

How will you differentiate yourselves from other low cost brokers in order to be grabbing the largest percentage of the potential market?

Freetrade and others have done well to provide a low cost alternative to traditional brokers, but now it is becoming the norm with there being many low cost options and more of them launching.

I have noticed that Freetrade focus very specifically on making investing very easy for first time investors who have no idea what they’re doing and this allows Freetrade to not just take a slice of the market, but to grow the size of the market. I think this is an area where you are differentiating well and the marketing + platform are probably better at drawing in new users Vs competitors.


Hi Nick,

You said earlier that community was a key reason for you joining can you talk a little about the limitations of word of mouth referrals - are there any? Do you see this as a core part of your strategy going forwards?

I’ve got a young family and currently have moved my ISA and have a pending SIPP transfer (that is taking forever! Thanks Vanguard) but the product I want the most is a JISA. Speaking from a marketing standpoint what can Freetrade do to built lifetime relationships with people. NatWest famously had their pig money boxes and the legacy banks seems to get people when they’re young and keep them.

Personally I would love to see a ‘Freetrade Family’ plan aim at parents and grandparents to open a JISA (or the ultimate goal of a cheap JSIPP) for children bundled with their ISA / SIPP. This would win a current customer and secure future customer who FT would be the natural choice for when they need a LISA for their first home.

Oh and we still love you @sampoullain


We know that the Freetrade community is generally in their 20’s and 30’s (please correct me if I’m wrong) of this user group what proportion actaully have children? (Not that I’m exluding other ages or those with kids)

Obviously as time goes on these younger users may have children themselves so early investment is important, it just make sense introducing a JISA as could create generational loyalty to the company long after the parents have gone.

Who knows Freetrade could be still around in a 100 years but its unlikely that I will.