Fractional Nasdaq 100 index?

The Nasdaq 100 index from LSE. Is it possible a fractional be offered with LSE stocks?

Or is there any alternative that tracks Nasdaq 100 that I can invest £100 a month into it.

The whole stock - cant afford lol.

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They’ve “started looking at it” so maybe towards the end of 2021 or then in 2022.

Until then there’s not much anyone can do. Maybe the ETF providers can do some sort of stock split

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Yeah would be nice. The iShares Nasdaq alone is like £500

You can afford one after 3 months. Like the olden days… buy when you have enough :smile:


Yeah going to have to lolz not much choice for UK investors.

@fire2045 @Eden

Yes we need this in our life.

This is the alternative

It bets the NASDAQ100 but it not as diversified.
But still have a look at it.