Fractional shares (UK)

(Richard) #21

Magic. Ta.


I thought fractional UK shares was on the roadmap…has this changed recently?

Fractional shares (US)

Yes, you’re right. UK fractionals are on our roadmap for the future.


If you want to offer an automated “invest monthly” feature (I hope you do), and don’t want to complicate things by saying “but you can’t do it with UK shares” (not that I think most people would want to; tracker ETFs make more sense), you’ll need fractional shares on everything first.

Because I don’t think it makes sense for an automated investment of £X to not invest 100% of X every time. You don’t want to be worrying about manually sweeping up your un-invested remainders.


I agree. UK fractionals would be preferable alongside a recurring trade feature like this: Recurring trades using set interval

(Dave Smith) #26

Recurring trades can work without fractionals, That’s the way HL do it, they just buy as many shares as possible up to the amount you set and any spare cash ends up as cash in your account