Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

PS: Argo Blockchain it’s trading at 440 P/E ratio even after that 35% drop…what expected growth can justify this ratio!? I like growth stocks, but everything has a threshold. I like the NIO suggestions though.

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KEFI Gold & Copper - potential multi bagger through this year.
Jubilee Metals - potential to double (again), but a lot less volatile.

DYOR, but it should be worth the effort. :wink:


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I am preparing this tonight.
I will prepare the spreadsheet and edit my first post.

The link will allow anyone to view the spreadsheet.

We have 42 stocks.

Freetrade investors collective wisdom.

Let’s see.


Keysight Technologies: KEYS

5g, 6g, Quantum.
Services & solutions.

Perfectly placed company. This one went under the radar during the 1st half of 2020 then the market realised in September the value.


NIO, 1 year ago $3, 6 months ago $11, now over $55, $200 by the end of the year.
(disclaimer, i have no idea what i am talking about)


I’m going with an underdog with hard challenges ahead

AMGO Amigo Holdings Plc

Edit 1: They might go under next month. They need their plans to be approved by the FCA, which is not a good place to be if you ask me.

My approach in real life doesn’t necessarily match my approach in this thread.

I may be the first casualty in this thread if their plans are not approved by the FCA.

This is not investment advice.


Edit 2: This post is now the result of two posts merged together. The second one is now deleted, but its contents can be read in this merged post.


Legal and General once the UK economy gets moving again once the vaccine rollout is sufficiently progressed


Escape Hunt — Micro cap in offline (and recently online) entertainment (escape rooms, pretty fun, used it myself). Almost profitable
Trackwise Designs — small cap printed circuits, partnerships with EVs. Profitable.
Ilika — small cap solid state batteries play
Limelight Networks — small cap CDN and EDGE provider trading at 2 price to sales. Massively undervalued with some decent catalysts. Almost profitable.
Tattoed Chef — hyper growth vegeterian / vegan food play

Honorable mentions: Workhorse, Palantir, Tesla, BFT, CIIC Arrival

p.s. I am invested in most of it.


I’m putting a little bit in escape room now just cos of you guys :joy:. Still don’t believe it.

Do you really see Nio at 200-300b?
The fact that it’s mostly a pure automotive play and mostly just China makes me think that it would be a bit too much. Not in a year anyway. It still might get carried by hype but idk.

KIST - Kistos, a closed ended investment company looking at M&A in the energy sector. Aiming to close their first acquisition on Q1 this year so hopefully announcements soon. Unfortunately not on Freetrade at present but have requested it.


My top 3 bets:


More speculative borderline meme stocks:


These last two will either sink or fly.


Large caps:

  • Airbnb - solid CEO, great business for staycations and vacations after covid.

  • Tesla - I love that stonk. German factory + Texas Cybertruck factory + semi production + China sales (yes NIO etc are competing). Software. New Model S with new features for rich people - they trade old cars for new cars.

I hold both.

  • Velodyne - radars. They competed in the same thing where Stanford (future Waymo) won in self driving in mid-2000s. Radar will be everywhere.

I hold this.

But the winner will probably be some cheap airline…

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The question about Tesla (which I realise people have said for 12 months)… How can it keep rising and justify the market cap?

I’m afraid we need to start asking which stocks will recover faster if the bubble bursts :grimacing:

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As long as loyal Elon fans who like Tesla and SpaceX are hodling (not joking), and the business is a real business that is growing — not GME basiclly. The Wall Street “analysts” will keep pumping the price targets. It’s S&P500 - your distant relative boomer’s pension fund is buying it even if they dont like it. Valuation is BS when the interest rates are so low.

I mean look at these “crazy” analysts working from home reading Reddit research on the latest beta software.

BREAKING: Piper Sandler analyst Alex Potter has raised his price target on $TSLA from $515 to a street high of $1,200. Top Wall St analyst sees Tesla's (TSLA) trillion-dollar potential, raises $1.2k price target

Now it’s Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch’s turn to raise the stakes with an update on his coverage of Tesla with a new price target of $1,036 – way up from the previous target of $550. Tesla (TSLA) gets first $1,000 price target from top analyst on lead with autonomous vehicles - Electrek

He lifted his “base” price target for Tesla to $950, which is 15% above Friday’s closing price, from $715. His target is now the highest of the 37 analysts surveyed by FactSet, and nearly double the average target of $499.30. Tesla’s new $950 stock price target at Wedbush is the highest on Wall Street, but the analyst still won’t say buy

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Real businesses with growth to the moon (not joking). Amazon is like that–we cant live without it, a lot of US ppl have Prime, its essential.

Remark Holdings, $3.21 AI is the future. Delivers an integrated suite of AI solutions that enable businesses and organizations to solve problems, reduce risk and deliver positive outcomes. The company’s easy-to-install AI products are being rolled out in a wide range of applications within the retail, public safety and workplace arenas.

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Brave call


To each their own but most these are just meme stocks.

Illika- There are so many players such as Toyota, VW etc. in this field and mass production is several years away.

Limelight - Not undervalued in anyway. We are talking about Nasdaq here which has seen the most staggering growth in tech stocks ever and do you think they have missed this company somehow? They’re incompetent and a new CEO hasn’t changed their fortunes. They have just been downgraded today again. But things might change.

Escape hunt - changing fortunes with shift to online but only time will tell as they don’t have a unique IP here with so many players

Arrival, Palantir are good long term prospects with Arrival production technology more interesting.