Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

Pretty sure Trading 212 isn’t free- the leverage is nuts, especially on CFDs. Pretty much how they make money, as most people lose money. Personally wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, beyond the quality of their charting.



I don’t do any CFDs, but I use the ISA and Invest accounts.
The only thing I can say is that I have not paid a single penny. I have not paid anything to buy stocks, no payment to keep account open, no foreign exchange charges and certainly I haven’t paid anything on leverage (I don’t do CFDs).

Anyway, I have no intention of getting into a debate. I replied to the question ad Trading212 is one of the platforms I use, amongst others, such as IBKR and obviously FT. They each have their uses and advantages.

If what @Gilesf13 is looking for is most developed markets, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) offers them, although it charges a fee to buy and sell stocks as well as to have the account open. I think it is cheaper than others such as HL though. I imagine that they have the capacity of transferring stocks out, though I have not asked…
If in the future FT has access to another stock market from abroad, such as Hong Kong, would it allow in specie transfers of stocks?


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How is T212 customer service right now?

I’ve seen a few mentions of ARB in this thread, I got in last week at 2.75 - interested to see where fellow holders think it could go from here? Obviously a slight dip today because of the crypto dip but not really too worried about it and I’ll be looking to buy the dips when I can - cheers

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Its more than 2 weeks now that I signed up with FT and still have not got my account up and running. I dont know what is going on but looks like they are overwhlemed with new sign ups and stuggling to complete checks. I hope I can be up and running soon and start investing… After following this thread and the gains, feel like I am missing out on the action. !

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That 2 week delay is probably the best thing that could have happened to you, it’s been ugly in the market!! Saved yourself some good £££s


Sent my pal a link earlier this morning. He signed up and is up and trading already.

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Thats very strange… Ive been waiting weeks now… not impressed… but perhaps you are right… saved by some unknown…

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You haven’t missed much. Yesterday was a bloodbath!



Today’s not much better. Churchill Capital Corp IV is taking a right shellacking at the moment. :slight_smile:

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It hit 100%, that was the challenge, I’ll take my medal and go… :3rd_place_medal::joy: First back to 0%?


It’s definitely a holder!

If you all have been following the scintilating(OR NOT) tale of my account setup… I have some great news to share… I am finally setup!
Raising it on this forum helped defintely to source the right help.
Thanks all…


I wonder who will portray you in the movie? :grinning:

Dev Patel… possibly… unless they decide to cast caucassian and go with make up!


They might cast multiple actors, to play you at each stage of life while your account application is being processed.


Mind blown!!!..With such ideas, I think your creativity is being wasted on this forum :smiley:

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GME - breaking the stock market again?