Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

@Rollingskies Hi Ben. I was thinking… I love this initiative where you created this spreadsheet, and keep working for our entertainment (really loved it), but I had this though: the spreadsheet you built it’s not really like a “wisdom of the crowd”, because it’s not the “crowd voting”, but you have around 60top pickers (and I am honoured to be among those). To be a wisdom of the crowd you need a crowd voting, not 60 stock pickers. So, what if I told you, that this weekend I can build a website where people login in and every month they choose their top 10stocks from Freetrade Universe, and on the homepage, automatically, a bar chart appears with the top 10 stocks (by vote count). That’s more like a “wisdom of the crowd”. Would you be happy to merge this thread with it? or you think it’s not worth it? I can automate the whole thing using Python + Flask. The domain provider has to make the website “on” and I have to buy it, so maybe this weekend is too bullish, but certainly the next one. Thoughts?


This reminds me of Buzz index which aggregates investment-related content from social media sites, looks for trends and sentiments, and builds index. There even a ETF tracking it coming soon. Social media sentiment ETF to launch in wake of Reddit rebellion | Financial Times

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Maybe also sell the stock once it reaches 100% gain.

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Don’t rub it in :sob:

Very interesting proposal. Certainly, sounds good.

We don’t want it to become a trading platform. FT want to encourage more longer term holdings.

I would also not want the results to be visible as that would encourage others to vote for them because others had.

Do we want an external website here connected with FT? Would freetrade want users being directed away? Someone else might copy this with a phishing scam.

However, I’m all up for improving. Keen to hear others thoughts including the top brass. @Viktor @sampoullain


Hello, I see Nio recommended here. Considering a small uptake in an EV firm. What would people consider to be the pros of buying Nio over say Xpeng?

What could be interesting is tracking the top 10 popular Freetrade stocks which they tweet every week and comparing to this set of stocks.

It would give a flavour of whether the entire Freetrade customer base’s preferences aligns with these chosen stocks (given the community here is but a fraction of the total user base), or perhaps it might be what’s influencing the top 10 every week (I hope not!)…


Yes sure. It could be that the votes can vote only once a month and the stocks are chosen based on the question “which 10 stocks will outperform in the next 2-3 years in your opinion”? that mid term approach will avoid too short term changes. The votes are anonymous (they would be saved in a separate PostGRE SQL DB, only the aggregate result is shown - in a bar chart in the home page). “external website”, “redirected away”, what’s the difference between another “HTML page” or your “google excel sheet”? maybe without realizing it, you redirect them to another link: the way I see it it’s just a more automated way…but I may be wrong. I definitely don’t want to divert people from this community, I’ve been with FT since 2016 when they were at Octopus lab. I don’t want to do anything illegal or without the bosses’ consent. While I wait for their consent I might start working on it for fun. I might add a performance tracker from Yahoo finance of the stocks selected vs SP500. My only design issue is whether I want a login page or not, but that might help avoiding people voting multiple times. @nickab Buzz indices are different, they target websites and webscrape text, and from the text try to predict sentiment. In my idea people directly vote, no sentiment involved, and it’s only from one community, Freetrade.

My goal, in the absence of anything official from FT and unless they object is to provide people with a selection of stocks that people should at least be aware of that are perhaps more growth orientated than your average ETF.

If you had the results displayed tho before people could vote would that not affect it?

What we don’t want is a whole bunch of newbies who have done zero research and just pick the stocks they know or heard on the news. So GME getting picked for example. Well I wouldn’t include it.

I freely admit the interest and demand here has so completely outgrown what I expected that maybe we are ready to move on.

What I would like to do is to design an high growth ETF with sectors and have 2 to 5 stocks in each. So perhaps
10% crypto
10% renewable energy
10% EV
10% Gold miners/explorers (hedge for crypto)
10% Bioscience
25% Technology
25% - Other


I found myself asking that very same question, so decided to split my money between Nio, Xpeng and Li Auto. Read so much on all 3, watched videos etc etc, and just couldn’t make a decision.

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There are so many things to say to your reply…it’s be brief:
(1) Yeah I mean, it’s all about creativity, you can come up with 10000 ideas and combinations. Why did you choose those weights? why are you biasing toward growth stock and those sectors? I think you are biased by the fact that tech stocks have outperformed recently, crypto is currently cool, EV is currently cool, ARK portfolio is cool…I can argue that in 5 years 3D printing is cool, Space stocks will be cool, Social networks are cool…and what then? I am not saying I don’t like your composition, but it’s too specific for your purpose here, that’s why I prefer “community average”. It’s an average of 550k souls, it should be pretty accurate…
(2) How do you know the first 60 people (including me) have done their due diligence?
(3) I agree on the GME example you made. I mean the vote would be once a month and answer the question “stocks that will outperform in the next years”. If 500k people think GME will outperform so be it.
(4) I loved this exchange of thoughts and was helpful to clarify some implementation thoughts I had, thanks man! this was helpful :slight_smile: I think I am more oriented toward community wisdom and generalisation and you toward something more specific, so maybe I’ll create another thread as our purposes differ.


I started the thread as something positive for the forum due to a large influx of rather inexperienced investors many of whom had nothing good to say.

I then decided I wonder if we can beat a standard etf - because for me freetrade allows us to make out own etf so unless you can’t be bothered why buy etfs?

I just randomly picked those % and not got any reasoning - personally I’m heavy in crypto miners.

I think we are on to something. If it is done right it could add significant value to Freetrades users. We could have top 10 stocks per sector and people could decide what sector they want. We could then have more comparisons and graphs.

It all takes a lot of time tho!


I think your ideas are sound and it would be an extremely interesting and probably a very worth while addition to this chat. Personally I would limit choices to just three stocks each. Why? Most people would have time to do DD on three and it doesn’t cloud the field too much. Also if I was asked to pick 10 it might put me off a little bit 3 no problem.

that would be a lot of homework. 100 plus stocks. Benefitial to go through it? Absolutely. But still a lot of homework. I wouldn’t be able to do it in less than 3 months

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Congrats @Raul for our 4th stock bagger.


Quick update on standings for the contest I’m holding. We’re very early into the game but here are the rankings as of UK market open on March 1st:

:crown: In the running for the hamper:
#3 @ABinvesting with £CARD: + 65.24%
#2 @Rollingskies with £ARB: +86.05%
#1 @Raul with £AMGO: +106.25%

:poop: In the running for the rubbish socks:
#3 @gioparra91 with $PACB: -37.22%
#2 @Leito with $WH: -57.01%
#1 @JoshH with $EH: -60.00% :scream:

Edit: Sorry, fixed the %s!

Note: All of the above is based on the buys starting Feb 13th.

Starting value: £6,103.68
Current value: £5,566.21 / -£536.77
Gain/loss: -8.75%

Better luck this month! :joy:


Beginner’s luck

It’s not how it starts :rabbit2: … It’s how it ends :turtle:


2 bagger now! Nice one @Raul. I have to admit I looked at that and thought I’d never pick that!

Card too closing down on the 1 bag mark @ABinvesting


Let’s keep the fire works for December. Likely all but randomness

I think this one has a wide range of possibilities till year-end: either die very soon or 10x by the end of year.

It won’t double every day

Edit: the recent surge in price may be happening as a consequence of JP Morgan buying a stake in Amigo

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Indeed, but anyone investing in this stock could now go for a free ride and that is a very good way of investing in my book.