Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021


no pun intended?

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I’ve got heaps of work to do here. It will take me quite a bit longer.

I will try and complete this weekend.

I never expected this thread to be so popular!


It’s a great idea for a thread - it takes ages to read all the other posts to try to discover what stocks people think are lunar-bound.

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Looking forward to seeing the Freetrade ETF composition.


Amazing thread incredible exciting



Lets see guys. I have some tiny amount on IPOE, MP, CRSP for fun . In with you!

I love CRSP, but this is more like a binary stock. Now they doing clinical trials, we need breakthroughs in human tests!


I hadn’t seen this INRG ETF. WIll look at it!

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Although SPCE has gone up considerably recently, a successful test flight will then lead to its first commercial flights in Q3 and I can see it doubling to $100 under those circumstances.

As for others, I do like Blackberry (BB), I think they are underrated despite all the WSB nonsense jacking the price up a little.

In the US they will release marijuana friendly legislation which will allow weed stocks, I like the look of GNRS (not on freetrade yet) which is a weed related SPAC close to its NAV. Easy for that to double once it gets a deal.

CCIV is my last pick, as long as their Lucid deal goes through.


Personally I would sit on cash and wait for the market to crash. Stock are way too overvalued. Everyone is pouring money into Nio which is not even profitable yet.

Tencent and Baidu look attractive though

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May the gods of good fortune smile upon you for your great thread and community spirit!

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There’s a famous saying: “There’s always a bull market somewhere”

If you believe stocks are too overvalued, then try to find something that’s undervalued, e.g. commodities, crypto, a growth vertical etc. These are probably all bad examples, which is why I’m not a millionaire, but you get the idea :grin:


Hello Ben
Bless you, for your great work.

I have prepared a draft spreadsheet for your approval. I can not attach it. Please let me know how I can send it you. after your approval, I will add existing recommended stock into the list to move on.
Very kind regard


Such a wholesome first post. I love it! Welcome :grin:

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Not in the low interest rate environment. I used to be like that. Now I know the markets dont care. There’s fundamentals, which are subjective and objective, and there’s momentum. Apple the first 3 TRILLION dollar company with a solid biz.

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Dogecoin because Elon. Today. Such wow.

I invested in it today, so naturally it has dropped. >_>


Welcome to the forum Bil!

This has been an amazing thread.

I have already started work on the spreadsheet, but I’ll dm you later Bil and try and give you shared access to it.

Invested in spce this year it already has doubled and has the potential to do it again.

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Longview Acquisition which will take butterfly network public.

ARK have invested in this and Nanox